Shadow and Leadership

Self-awareness is an essential quality for any effective leader. Shadow inquiry is key to understanding how others impact us.

EQRX: Hope or Hype?

My take on an new business model and overcoming my cognitive bias to get curious and creative.

Coaching for Greatness

Leadership is about growing your people. What can we learn about leadership from Coach Nick Sabin. Quite a lot as it turns out.

Unboss Like a Boss: Part II

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Part I of "Unboss Like a Boss." There I discuss some foundational elements of unbossing: be...

How to Unboss Like a Boss: Part 1

This post comes in two parts. As I started to dig in, it turns out there is more to being a boss unboss than I realized. Be sure to...

My 10 Success Rules

Ten things I've learned about achieving success in business and in life.